Bridgestone Indonesia Receives 3 Awards at Global CSR Awards 2018 Apr 26, 2018

Jakarta - PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia (Bridgestone Indonesia), a group company of Bridgestone Corporation, today announced that it has received 3 Awards at the 10th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2018, one of Asia’s most prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility awards.


Held in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on April 19-20, this Award recognizes and honors companies for their outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present.


The GOLD Award for Best Country CSR Excellence Award was received by Bridgestone Indonesia with a series of CSR programs that have been conducted over the last 40 years. The SILVER was also awarded for Bridgestone in providing Excellence in Provision of Literacy and Education by bringing the gap between education and employability with Loka Latihan Keterampilan Bridgestone (LLKBS).


In addition, Bridgestone Indonesia also received the SILVER for Best Community Program Award. This award is a proof that Bridgestone Indonesia is a company that has successfully implemented a community project that resulted in poverty alleviation, better education, business growth and community engagement.


Details related to these CSR programs are:


Muara Gembong Mangrove Reforestation

Bridgestone Indonesia set out to create a protective shield for the 3.500 inhabitants through an extensive mangrove forest restoration exercise with the planting of 16.040 trees around the 3,8 hectare Muara Gembong coastline. This initiative was launched on September 17th 2016, in conjuction with Bridgestone’s 40th Anniversary and many of    Bridgestone Indonesia employees joined voluntarily.


ECOPIA Orang Utan Initiative

Bridgestone has been working closely with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) since 2012 to help in the rehabilitations of Borneans orangutans in to their natural habitat. Bridgestone do it through the plantation of 1 hectare of forestry each year for 8 years and also involved in animal welfare efforts with the adoption of 2 orphanes orangutans Elder (5,5 y.o) and Obi (5 y.o), whose care and rehabilitation costs are being covered by Bridgestone until they are released back into their natural habitats. Bridgestone’s combined contributions towards this cause to date stands at approximately US$1,14 million (Rp 1,6 billion).


Equipping Youths With The Ability to Excel

Bridgestone has since 1981 been dedicated itself to helping youth realize their fullest potential through a two-year vocational education and training residential programme, the Loka Latihan Keterampilan Bridgestone (LLKBS). Built on the premises of Bridgestone’s Bekasi factory, the LLKBS campus, which recently underwent a US$111.000 renovation, is fully equipped practical learning facility, with living quarters, classrooms, highly automated mechanical and electrical technology workshops, as well as recreational facilities and mosque.


In March 2017, Bridgestone Corporation unveiled a refined global CSR commitment “Our Way to Serve” centered around three priority areas: Mobility, People and Environment. “Our Way to Serve”, reflecting the company’s longstanding philosophy of Serving Society with Superior Quality and a recognition that the best companies not only perform for their stakeholders, but also contribute to a better world.


“Bridgestone Indonesia is honored to receive this award that recognizes Bridgestone’s global CSR commitment of "Our Way to Serve," which provides a framework for how we support the communities which we operate in to move, live, work and play,” said Gaurav Gupta President Director of PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia.




PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia (Bridgestone Indonesia) is a group company of Bridgestone Corporation. Bridgestone Indonesia has two factories at Bekasi, and Karawang. In addition, Bridgestone Indonesia’s facilities include a Proving Ground and Education Center, to improve the quality of products and services for our customers. Products of Bridgestone Indonesia are sold through distributors, Toko Model/TOMO (Authorized Outlet), Bridgestone Truck Center, BANDAG FCZ (Retread), and more than 1,500 stores that sell Bridgestone tires all across Indonesia.


Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world’s largest tire and rubber company. In addition to tires for use in a wide variety of applications, it also manufactures a broad range of diversified products, which include industrial rubber, chemical products, and sporting goods. Its products are sold in over 150 nation and territories around the world.

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